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AR Management & Solutions, LLC is located in the the heart of the Dallas and Fort Worth area in Arlington, Texas. We are a privately owned company run by professionals with extensive experience in billing and collection solutions. Established in 1999 to provide Private and Public EMS Billing and Collections our growth since that time as a company, reflects our dedication and success to our clients.

Currently AR Management & Solution services many cities, counties, and private EMS providers across several states. The level of service provided to our Client’s range from BLS Non Emergency to SCT transports. Even though we are nationwide, ARMS, has established a reputation as a business that gets results and is consistent.

We strive to maximize and expedite our clients’ revenue on a daily basis by maintaining a quality staff, providing provider workshops and offering our clients training, seminars, and advise particulars for internal procedures resulting in higher profits. ARMS, has a consistent and above industry standard results for EMS & Ambulance billing and EMS Collections. Our approach and reimbursement process coupled with a very competitive fee has allowed us to maximize our clients’ return on its revenue.

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We proudly serve cities, counties and EMS providers nationwide.

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We Provide
EMS Medicare Compliance Consulting
AMBULANCE Medicare Consulting Texas
EMS Medicare Compliance Texas
EMS Documentation Compliance Texas
Texas EMS Run Compliance
Texas CMS Run Compliance
Texas Medicaid EMS Run Compliance
New Mexico EMS CMS Compliance
New Mexico EMS Documentation Consulting